A total victory for Oslofjord triatlon

•July 19, 2009 • Leave a Comment

This Sunday, Oslofjord triathlon had the best day at a competition since the club was founded. And what could be a better race to choose than the National Championship? We knew that our member from Nice, Thomas Leth-Olsen, was more than competent, but not everybody was prepared for today’s total knock out.

On the swim and bike he followed the reigning champion Øyvind Johannessen and Tom Remman, but early on the run he said good bye and headed for the gold medal. Even Olsen from Oslofjord triatlon is a fantastic runner and showed us this again. From a position a little further back, he secured a bronze medal with a fantastic half marathon. 1 hour and 13 minutes is just brutal.

But Norways largest triatlon club is more than the guys on the podium. Today the members of the club showed a fantastic fighting spirit, great sportsmanship and team spirit. 25 members crossed the finishing line and although it is a cliché, it is still true: Today they were all winners.

And what did I do? I waved our flag and shouted. It’s a fairly easy job, but someone has to do those as well.


Two weeks before

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Today is the first day. The first day I have had any serious thoughts about The Race. Kalmar Triathlon. An Iron distance race in Sweden.

I don’t actually worry. I have been there before both physically and mentally. I have been in Kalmar before and I have raced Iron distance races before. And I have had the “Two weeks before”-feeling every time.

I don’t actually worry. With only two weeks left, in many ways it’s all over. There is so little that can be done that will make me better on race day, but also a couple of tings that will make me worse. I’ll try to avoid the last ones.

I don’t actually worry. I know that I have done at least 96% of my scheduled training. I have done this before and I know I will survive. But still the feeling takes a hold on me. I get a little tense, my pulse gets faster and I start to see it for me. The Swim. The Bike. And the Pain. The pain that in other parts of the world is known as the Run.

Last year I finished at 12h12min I Roth and this year I go for:

1h15min swim +5min T1 +6 h bike +5min T2 + 4h20min run  = 11h45min

I have never been better prepared, but the “Two weeks before”-feeling plays with me. So to be honest with my self. I worry a lot. I worry about all the unforseen things and for those 4% of scheduled training I haven’t done.

Tribent – in English? Wow!

•July 16, 2009 • 3 Comments

There has been earlier atempts to launch an English version of the great Norwegian triathlon blog “Tribent“. These have all failed. Was lack of money the problem? Was it lack of ideas? Was it lack of interesting stuff in his triathlon life? Was it perhaps lack of knowledge of the English language? Most probably.

The Norwgian version will allways be the superior version (this is a general rule), but the English version may be of help for those who have problems with figuring out all the Æ, Ø and Å that is scattered around and between regular letters